On 1.8.2020 our association:

Kunstbus e.V. – The KUBU is coming!

was founded and has been registered in the Mannheim Register of Associations since February 2021.

The association has its headquarters in Karlsruhe. At the moment the KUBU is still in its winter residence in Kandel (Pfalz), where we are putting the finishing touches on the interior.

With a lot of joy we recently started to make a mosaic out of old DVDs and CDs, which will continue to grow and flourish like a plant inside KUBU.

For the 26.09.2021 we are planning a “kick-off fest” in Karlsruhe.

The fest will take place in public space and invites you for one day to get to know the different offers of KUBU.
We will offer workshops like:

Art (make your own colors from dye plants)


Circus (juggling, poi, hoola hoop)


Theater (improtheater, hand puppets theater)


and we are already looking forward to this colorful day together!